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Jane's Place

Jane’s Place Adult Day Services is designed especially for adults who want to remain in the community and with their family, but cannot be home alone during the day due to physical, social or cognitive impairments.

We welcome older adults who are dealing with memory loss, confusion, dementia, effects from a stroke and disabilities, as well as those who are lonely and need socialization or monitoring during the day.

To learn more, please contact: Crystal Hughes, Program Administrator (563) 386-7477 Ext. 246 or email

It’s A Proven Fact

Seniors that interact with others, especially those with special needs or memory challenges, benefit from adult day services on many levels: 98%
of Jane’s Place clients report they are highly satisfied with the care their loved one receives. Jane’s Place works closely with family members and caregivers to find a payment solution that fits your needs. We accept private pay, Veteran’s Administration benefits, Iowa Health Link Elderly Waiver, Iowa Health and Disability Waiver and long term care insurance.

Cost Options

Graphic showing cost savings

For more information on Jane’s Place, please call (563) 386-7477 Ext. 226 or email

Talk with a CASI Senior Advocate to learn more about financial programs and benefits.

Client Testimonials

“I work during the day and before coming to Jane’s Place my mom was alone at home, usually watching TV. At Jane’s Place she has met new friends and we treasure the pieces she makes in the ceramics class. I can see a change in her.”

“After my mother died, my father moved in with us. He has been showing signs of confusion and memory loss, and his doctor suggested Jane’s Place. Dad is a veteran, and VA benefits have helped to pay for the three days he attends each week. Dad looks forward to going to Jane’s Place, seeing his friends, and especially enjoys playing billiards with some of the other guys.”

“I wish I would have known this was available sooner. It has allowed me to time to myself to carry out daily ordinary tasks.”

“At first he was reluctant as was I to attend. I didn’t know if he would continue to be able to attend. Now after a few weeks he looks forward to coming to Jane’s Place and wants to attend every day.”

Jane’s Place offers affordable, professional adult day care services tailored to fit the needs of our individual clients. Sign up for Jane’s Place News!